Why choose us ?

On vous accompagne tout au long du cheminement de votre enfant.

The goal of Mont Essor is to give a chance to preschool children with difficulties that have been diagnosed by a health professional and more, children without diagnosis but for whom it is a little more difficult.

Mont Essor is a coordination center that brings together the services needed to realize your child’s PDI (Intervention Plan) under the supervision of a coordinator (Julie Kairouz) and her network.

– Resource Teachers

– Speech therapists

– Specialized Educators

– Contact with government service

Mont Essor is the first center in the Outaouais to adopt pedagogy for 0 to 12 years old. Mont Essor has all the tools in place for a global development so that our children can flourish.

Julie Kairouz

Coordinator at Mont Essor

I, Julie Kairouz, accumulated more than thirty years in the field of early childhood. Over the years I have always adapted to the needs of children to enable them to develop their full potential. I have always been in direct contact with children and this has allowed me to develop skills to support these children. With today’s life, the needs are not the same as thirty years ago. Children are much more busy nowadays and they have easier access to diagnostics by professionals. I propose the program of Mont Essor, to facilitate the implementation of the PDI (Plan of intervention) of your child. With today’s life it is better for a young child to start well on a good basis.

I have set up a network of qualified people whose mission is to help children overcome challenges.